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Me presently

2014-05-12 16:49:20 by Mesume1310

So recently i've been learning flash and Webpage design. It's really fun and i've made some random ones, so maybe i'll post them here some time. Anyway i realize i've been gone for some time, and looking back at my old posts is, well, surprising etherway i'm glad to be back with newgrounds 



Another random post

2012-09-09 21:21:10 by Mesume1310

I've gotten into the habit of wanting to role play it is fun but majorly time consuming before i know it i've spent more time setting up the out line than i have role-playing. it makes me really sad to think that but it is oh so true. and way this is just a random thing.

Another random post


2012-08-02 17:36:48 by Mesume1310

Recently i've been thinking why play them when i could make them it's boring when it's over so why now make a trilogy? so i was wonder what would be some good ideas for the story line? i have one idea but it's just one. also i'm going to mke my characters 3D i don't wanna flat 2D because it is rather over used , i know it's ART but It becomes boring when you see it on everything! anyway i'm getting a 3D model creator because the one i have has everything written in Katakana, Kanji, ETC!
anyways it's going good so far i'm brushing up on how to use it first though so don't expect much also i'll be posting the first practice game on DeviantART first. the link is there give it a look.


Otome Games...

2012-07-29 04:27:28 by Mesume1310

I've recently been playing this browser Game MyCandyLove [actually it's more like forgetting i had it and coming back after 2 months] it's fun for a while but after you run out of Action points(AP) it becomes rather annoying because you have virtually nothing to do [literal terms] though not all games are like that. I've been looking for other Otome games to play since i've done everything i can think of offline and MyCandyLove is rather dull at times so i need another.ANY RECOMMENDATIONS?
BTW my character is the girl with the red hair in the middle of everyone -Laughs-

Otome Games...


2012-07-26 20:44:11 by Mesume1310

I was browsing through the library down the road and i noticed they added a new book genre the thing that got me was what that genre was. apparently Vampires have become so popular that they had to make in individual category for it. same goes for emos they have they have their own music genre now. no really they do. i just thought that this was something interesting and so decided to post it anyway. is there anything you noticed lately?


how does a chicken cross the road without getting hit?

2012-02-10 19:25:06 by Mesume1310

personaly if i was the chicken i would have given up. but if i was being chased by a farmer i would have high tailed it across, athough chickens just arn't that fast so, how would a chicken cross the road with out getting hit?

i can't choose!!!!!

Elsword Vs Grand Chase

2011-12-08 01:52:58 by Mesume1310

i'm Elsword all the way on this one it's so much more fun, though it's less challanging -.-
even so it's a highly cool game

Superman Vs Thor

2011-11-13 15:33:25 by Mesume1310

ok so Thor is a god but superman is kinda tough to beat just because of all those powers he has i mean yeah Thor can control lightning but i'm pretty sure the green lantern can kick his butt three ways to (i like to read comics, *.*)

Lolli Pops VS Jolly Ranchers

2011-10-10 20:27:10 by Mesume1310

I LOVE THEN BOTH who ever created them was a visionary